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    Hi everyone,

    I’m Jaimy (also known as KING JAIMY on Xbox). I’m 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my sister Nikki and my parents. Nikki also plays Dead or Alive, and she is known as Coolcatn1kk1 on Xbox. I think a lot of you know me and my sister already, by the way. :p

    My DOA history (and a bit of my sister’s DOA history)

    I started playing Dead or Alive somewhere in 2004, when DOA2U was released. First character I played was Jann Lee, lol. Also liked Hayabusa a lot but I couldn’t do Izuna Drops when I was 8 years old :p. Also played a lot of DOA4, a lot of ONLINE, so to speak. At that time I didn’t really realise that online and offline are two different games, haha. Still sticked with Jann Lee and Hayabusa. Also, DOA4 was when Nikki started playing Dead or Alive. Her main character was Kasumi.

    Then in DOA5 I still stayed with Jann Lee. Then he became OP with that guaranteed Critical Burst from 6H+K and 1PK, lol! Also picked up Rig, a fighter I really liked, even when I first saw him in the trailer. I picked up Mila too but I dropped her when she was nerfed. Then at the end of DOA5 I picked up Kokoro, who is one of my sub characters now, but I don’t use her often anymore at the moment. My sisters’ main was still Kasumi.

    Afterwards DOA5U, so hyyype when I heard Momiji was in, my favorite Ninja Gaiden character. I trained her for three weeks straight and she became my main character. Then I started a long and hard training with Rig and he became my second main character. Nikki also liked Momiji and Momiji was her main until March…. when Marie Rose was released. Lol, Marie Rose was her main on day one, :p! I think she has bought almost every costume for Marie Rose, lol. She is doing pretty well with Marie Rose so far. She even defeated my Rig with 3-0 today, hahaha (offline of course ;)). Next to that, I trained Jacky and he became one of my sub characters. Man, Flash Sword Kick is pretty easy offline but impossible online, lol. Nikki learned Jacky as well in Ultimate.

    Also, in DOA5U I started becoming more competitive and learning the mechanics of DOA (such as throw punishing, fuzzy guarding, slow escaping, etc.). July 2014 was when I first had an offline session with Jim, Tessa and Dexter (also known as Pictured Mind). It was lots of fun, and this was the time I realised that online and offline are completely different :p. Two months later I joined the tourney Stun Academy #2 in Paris. I travelled together with my friends Jim and Tessa. It was a lot of fun. I finished 5th place, losing to a veeeery close match to Alucardo in losers’ bracket ;). Second tourney was Winter Session, also in Paris. This time I travelled with my parents and we drove behind Jim, Tessa and Dexter to the tourney. Nikki was with us as well (it was her first tournament). It was again a lot of fun! I was happy with my result, almost making top 3 with my 4th place. :D

    Today I still play Dead or Alive on Xbox One. I still play with Momiji and Rig (and Jacky for fun), but I started learning Honoka, Hayabusa, Jann Lee and Raidou as well. I think they are really fun characters to play. Nikki is still playing Marie Rose and Momiji (and also Jacky for fun :p). We also had an offline session two months ago at Jim’s house. It was streamed entirely, and Brams was there as well. I learn a lot at offline sessions :eek:.

    What else can I say? I like playing other games on my Xbox such as Gears of War and Soul Calibur. I play Super Smash Bros on Wii U too. So that’s about it, I guess. I hope me and my sister can make it to Stun Academy 3. Would be great to see everyone again in Paris! :)
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  2. 8ml4

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    Welcome king jaimy :)

    your training with jann lee advance?

    oh coolcat is your sister, she is very good ;)
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    Welcome here :)
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  4. Blood-Curse62

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    Welcome ;)

    I fighted Coolcat in the last ROF, I played with Bayman ( but my main is Kokoro ), she is quite good !
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    welcome my friend :) hope you can come in this event !! i want see your rig in action and share skill in live (matsukaze) maybe speak with brahms if he can help you to come ?
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  6. Jaimy

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    Thank you for the welcome 8ml4. I'm training a lot of Jann Lee right now. I really like the change they made to his Dragon Stance 6P+K (faint stun). :D
    And yes my sister Nikki has a pretty dangerous Marie Rose now.

    Thank you Alucardo! :)

    Thanks BloodCurse. I saw the fights between you and Nikki. Matches were pretty entertaining to watch.

    I really really hope I can come but the chances are really small at the moment. By the way, I would appreciate it very much if Brams can help me come to the tournament but I have no idea how.

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